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A window to the music that's out there. Alternative, Garage, Indie, Latin, Pop and Psychedelic Rock. Grunge, 90s, classic, krautrock and progressive rock. Read the reviews and join the Spotify playlist News of The World

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December 2020 Reviews

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Miss Used "Hit the Ground Running"
14/12/2020 Sounds from Auckland, New Zealand
Old and classic hard rock, very good sound of guitar and drums. Sharp riffs and a voice loaded with feeling ... [ read more and listen ]

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Raj Ramayya "Long Gone Guru"
12/12/2020 Sounds from Canada
A classic funk groove with the addition of Indian percussion sets the tone. Raj Ramayya carries out the lyrics of & ... [ read more and listen ]

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Fake Magic "Always Nice"
14/12/2020 Sounds from Canada
An alternative rock with personality, dark, deep and subtly cosmic. "Always Nice" advances suspended in a harsh riff ... [ read more and listen ]

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Speed of Light "Kill the Vibe"
05/12/2020 Sounds from Santa Monica, California, USA
With youth and self-confidence, Speed of Light practice a well-studied seventies rock. The live recording of "Kill the Vibe& ... [ read more and listen ]

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Crystal Cities "Shadow of a Doubt"
12/12/2020 Sounds from Australia
A direct trip to the early 80s, Crystal Cities brings echoes of bands like Flock of Seagulls or ... [ read more and listen ]

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Excuse Me. "Cheap Thrills"
14/12/2020 Sounds from Guelph, Ontario, Canada
A powerful funk rock loaded with soul with falsetto vocals and a touch of psychedelia. Excuse Me comes from Canada ... [ read more and listen ]

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Revolt "Running from Demons"
09/12/2020 Sounds from Norway
An interesting proposal from Norway, Revolt executes a cinematic, climatic and emotional rock. "Running from Demons" has a ... [ read more and listen ]

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Swami Lushbeard "All About You"
05/12/2020 Sounds from the USA
An interesting song, with a very particular dynamic. With airs of rock from the 70s -in the vein of Supertramp- ... [ read more and listen ]

  1793 visitas 
Tablefox "Battles"
12/12/2020 Sounds from Auckland, New Zealand
Intense and emotional rock, epic choruses and intriguing dynamics. A hint of the 80s in the sound and tone of ... [ read more and listen ]

  1734 visitas 
Attendant "Bootlicker"
14/12/2020 Sounds from UK
Grunge pop? Power hard pop? the truth is that the influences of the 70s and also the post punk are ... [ read more and listen ]

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ALSKA "Thick of the Night"
09/12/2020 Sounds from Sheffield, UK
Good old ska, with a monstrous groove and sax melodies with personality. The sound of the bass and the handling ... [ read more and listen ]

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The Cabaret Quicksand "All You Ever Wanted to Know (Sleeper 1973)"
14/12/2020 Sounds from Canada
"All You Ever Wanted to Know" is a sound postcard between two times. From the musical point of ... [ read more and listen ]

  1668 visitas 
Favvkes "Black Dove"
14/12/2020 Sounds from Canada
A vibrant hard rock, with a modern sound reminiscent of the post grunge of the 90s, for example Garbage. In ... [ read more and listen ]

  1660 visitas 
Friisson "Pareidolia"
01/12/2020 Sounds from the USA
A mysterious opening, somewhat dramatic, whispered verses from the darkness. Friisson cultivates a modern, melodramatic and captivating progressive rock. " ... [ read more and listen ]

  1653 visitas 
Mr. Bison "I´m the Storm"
05/12/2020 Sounds from Italy
A powerful intro, heavy and full of mystery, with slide guitars and a good base of keyboards. Mr. Bison from ... [ read more and listen ]

  1644 visitas 
Glitter Dick "Audiophile"
09/12/2020 Sounds from USA
Intense glam rock, Glitter Dick roars from the first moment in "Audiophile", a song loaded with attitude. Adding ... [ read more and listen ]

  1644 visitas 
Flying Circus "Dystopia"
09/12/2020 Sounds from Germany
Progressive rock with jazz rock stamp. The Led Zeppelin vibe but with a more theatrical melodic setting. Flying Circus comes ... [ read more and listen ]

  1642 visitas 

HEAVY HEAVY "Pretty Ghost"
09/12/2020 Sounds from Germany
Guitars with creamy distortion, epic and emotional vocals, machine rhythms but with blood traction. HEAVY HEAVY's "Pretty Ghost& ... [ read more and listen ]

  1637 visitas 
Scenic Route To Alaska "Time For Yourself"
12/12/2020 Sounds from Canada
Scenic Route To Alaska arrives from Canada with an alternative, urban and luminous pop rock. Intricate guitars on a gentle ... [ read more and listen ]

  1625 visitas 
The Wheel Workers "S.O.S."
09/12/2020 Sounds from USA
A song suspended in space, floats beat by beat. The sound and character of the bass and drums are reminiscent ... [ read more and listen ]

  1620 visitas 
Late Sea "Rumor"
05/12/2020 Sounds from USA
A groove of toms, tinkling guitars with delay and a dark and suggestive melody. An open and hopeful chorus on ... [ read more and listen ]

  1618 visitas 
Flower of Zeus "Diamond Rings" (Live Studio Performance)
14/12/2020 Sounds from London, United Kingdom
Live sound in a half pipe shed, painted white for more information. In that surreal capsule a quartet that sounds ... [ read more and listen ]

  1614 visitas 
Libba "Innocent Eyes"
05/12/2020 Sounds from USA
After a delicate intro with a subtle piano and an emotional voice reminiscent of Regina Spektor. Libba throws a melody ... [ read more and listen ]

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Leeko Norsu "Uhkasimulaatio"
01/12/2020 Sounds from Finland
Hard rock with personality. A hard-hitting sound, vocal dynamics that flirts with rap and hardcore, and a well up front ... [ read more and listen ]

  1610 visitas 
Shed Monkeys "Ghost"
12/12/2020 Sounds from Victoria, BC, Canada
A pop rock with elements of jazz and blues, a very personal and intriguing voice. Shed Monkeys' proposal in " ... [ read more and listen ]

  1610 visitas 
I Saw The Deep Lead The Way "Across The Crystal Tundrachat"
01/12/2020 Sounds from Netherlands
A tribal beat and noise rock riff set the mood. Then a heavy mid tempo rhythm and a sharp guitar ... [ read more and listen ]

  1608 visitas 
Johannes Gerstengarbe "Don
01/12/2020 Sounds from Germany
A lovely positive and upbeat song. Johannes Gerstengarbe sings in a vibe reminiscent of Sean Lennon and Beck's acoustic ... [ read more and listen ]

  1606 visitas 
The Replicants "Mother
05/12/2020 Sound from USA
An eco-conscious glam rock. The Replicants roar from the basement on "Mother's Had Enough" a potent rock ... [ read more and listen ]

  1601 visitas 
The Suns "Hey Carla"
09/12/2020 Sounds from USA
... ... [ read more and listen ]

  1596 visitas 
The Faded Out "Down the Drain"
05/12/2020 Sounds from Australia
The aquatic psychedelia of "Down the Drain" flows on a choppy rhythm, like a tidal wave. The chorus ... [ read more and listen ]

  1595 visitas 
Takatak "Flash Your Bones"
09/12/2020 Sounds from Pakistan
Modern hard rock. Some grunge, some metal, some hardcore and a lot of melody. Takatak excels in both his musical ... [ read more and listen ]

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Kip Macklejar "The Coal Miner´s Daughter"
14/12/2020 Sounds from Copenhagen, Denmark
With a very personal sound comes Kip Macklejar with "The Coal Miner's Daughter" from Denmark. A guitar ... [ read more and listen ]

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Serain "Revenant"
12/12/2020 Sounds from USA
With mystique and a kind of oriental vibe, Serain sets foot in the rock of the future. "Revenant" ... [ read more and listen ]

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The Ivins "Bloom"
14/12/2020 Sounds from Nashville, USA
With a good groove The Ivins develop an elegant and ambitious song. "Bloom" has a great guitar work, ... [ read more and listen ]

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Yarrowolf "White Fence"
09/12/2020 Sounds from Germany
Rock with roll and 80s waves. Yarrowolf arrives from Germany with "White Fence" a splendid track in ... [ read more and listen ]

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Fossway "Live In The Fire"
12/12/2020 Sounds form UK
With the heritage of the 70s in top form Fossway presents "Live In The Fire". A progressive ... [ read more and listen ]

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FOXHAUNT "Out of Control"
01/12/2020 Sounds from UK
... ... [ read more and listen ]

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KingQueen "Roller Coaster"
12/12/2020 Sounds from
... ... [ read more and listen ]

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