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A window to the music that's out there. Alternative, Garage, Indie, Latin, Pop and Psychedelic Rock. Grunge, 90s, classic, krautrock and progressive rock. Read the reviews and join the Spotify playlists News of The World and Seeking Land.

October 2021 Reviews

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Derek Woods Band "Down"
28/10/2021 Sounds from the USA
A dramatic and suspenseful intro gives way to a fresh song that refers to the 80s and its pop rock ... [ read more and listen ]

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Bunko "Echo Chamber"
28/10/2021 Sounds from the USA
A very personal and melodic hard rock sound. "Echo Chamber" refers at one point to the exotic post-punk ... [ read more and listen ]

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Sonic Break "Get Me Outta My Head"
28/10/2021 Sounds from Canada
With a captivating vocal style "Get Me Outta My Head" hits right from the start. The melancholy of ... [ read more and listen ]

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Pochenski "Bloodlines"
28/10/2021 Sounds from United Kingdom
A sound loaded with textures and a very musical groove. Pochenski combines traits of shoegaze with the post punk more ... [ read more and listen ]

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The Effens "Punishment"
28/10/2021 Sounds from Canada
A nice organic sounding groove and a mocking guitar riff. The Effens sound grunge and experimental with points of contact ... [ read more and listen ]

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Devora "Fist Fight"
28/10/2021 sounds from the USA
A classic pop gem with rhythmic nods to the Latin flavor. In "Fist Fight" Devora generates a climate ... [ read more and listen ]

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Losers "Fool Anyone"
28/10/2021 Sounds from the United Kingdom
A great work on melodies and dynamics "Fool Anyone" sums up layers of interest second by second and ... [ read more and listen ]

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Scott Lavene "The First Time"
28/10/2021 Sounds from the United Kingdom
An ode to the first times, intriguing and fun at the same time. Scot Lavene sings like he's on ... [ read more and listen ]

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Double Wish "Sugary Plum"
28/10/2021 Sounds from the USA
A relaxed groove with a watery musicality like a hybrid between The Cure and David Bowie. "Sugary Plum" ... [ read more and listen ]

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Gnarbot "Cheebot"
27/10/2021 Sounds from the USA
Progressivity and psychedelia, "Cheebot" is a masterpiece. Gnarbot flows without limits with room for jam and a dynamic ... [ read more and listen ]

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Silence The Sun "Glass Army"
27/10/2021 Sounds from Australia
Rock heir to the 90s, with epic choruses and a well-oiled band. "Glass Army" is a track to ... [ read more and listen ]

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Supermilk "Cease to Exist"
27/10/2021 Sounds from United Kingdom
Punky, energetic and cheeky. "Cease to Exist" recalls The Knack and their direct and urgent rock. Supermilk loads ... [ read more and listen ]

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Rubi Ate the Fig "Tremor"
27/10/2021 Sounds from the USA
In the realm of progressive rock with references to Supertramp or Genesis "Tremor" is a gem with a ... [ read more and listen ]

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Kyoto Protocol "Nothing Lasts Forever"
27/10/2021 Sounds from Malaysia
The most melancholic and emotional post punk dresses up in "Nothing Lasts Forever". Kyoto Protocol touches those fibers ... [ read more and listen ]

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D-Kel & Los Bandidos "Make That Noise"
27/10/2021 Sounds from United Kingdom
A great reggae rock cut performed by a power trio over which a rapped voice with great personality flows comfortably. ... [ read more and listen ]

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Ok John "sparkle when she speaks"
27/10/2021 Sounds from Brazil
An alternative rock, rooted in the nineties. "Sparkle when she speaks" reminds both Spin Doctors and Oasis, joining ... [ read more and listen ]

  936 visitas 
Fremmand "Wrong"
26/10/2021 Sounds from Faroe Islands
An enigmatic, nocturnal, spatial and somewhat dark track. "Wrong" also takes on post-punk and gothic sounds. Fremmand delivers ... [ read more and listen ]

  886 visitas 

Dead Bambies "Hello Phantom (Like a volcano)"
25/10/2021 Sounds from Japan
The base rumbles like a herd of horses, "Hello Phantom (Like a volcano)" is a direct track, bluntly, ... [ read more and listen ]

  967 visitas 
Trauma Cat "Lob a Grenade"
20/10/2021 Sounds from the USA
A power trio with a fresh sound and a drive for progressive. "Lob a Grenade" is an accumulation ... [ read more and listen ]

  867 visitas 
Phliptern "Never Set in Stone"
20/10/2021 Sounds from the USA
With a strong imprint of the 80s. "Never Set in Stone" is a great rock song on the ... [ read more and listen ]

  953 visitas 
Suburbs "The Rise and Fall of Everything"
20/10/2021 Sounds from Netherlands
Good post punk, deep and dark, emotional and martial. On "The Rise and Fall of Everything" the guitars ... [ read more and listen ]

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Naynt "Stumble in the Dark"
20/10/2021 Sounds from Australia
A heroic rock, somewhat futuristic and with an urgent groove. Naynt paints a post-apocalyptic scene in "Stumble in the ... [ read more and listen ]

  891 visitas 
The Paper Airport "Turning"
20/10/2021 Sounds from the USA
The soft start continues with a sonic boom. "Turning" has a bittersweet vibe, with a hint of ... [ read more and listen ]

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Jack Carek "Ledge"
20/10/2021 Sounds from the USA
A sonic journey, with a psychedelic vibe that suggests a cross between The Doors and Lee Hazlewood. The space synth ... [ read more and listen ]

  923 visitas 
Protonaut "Kowtow"
20/10/2021 sounds from Germany
A modern garage piece with charm and high intentions. Protonaut handles a very personal style with great handling of dynamics. & ... [ read more and listen ]

  877 visitas 
Glue Kiss "You Sting Like My Wasted Youth"
20/10/2021 Sounds from Denmark
Grunge with a theatrical twist, between progressive and glam Glue Kiss goes from the rawness led by creamy distortion guitars ... [ read more and listen ]

  935 visitas 
Tom Auton "9 Til 9"
20/10/2021 Sounds from United Kingdom
A fierce song from a love worker. A crushing riff with a grainy sound and a soulful voice with some ... [ read more and listen ]

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The Technicolors "Nightvisions"
14/10/2021 Sounds from USA
A groovy track, fresh and elegant. The Technicolors fuses styles with self-confidence and achieves in "Nightvisions" a great ... [ read more and listen ]

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Rocket Signs "Arriving"
14/10/2021 Sounds from USA
With a solid organic sound and tight playing, Rocket Signs revisits 90s grunge on "Arriving" Echoes of Stone ... [ read more and listen ]

  1018 visitas 
Deer Pilot "All Is Fair (In Love And Warfare)"
14/10/2021 Sounds from USA
Wave-like chords flow over a stoned groove with an explosive snare drum. Deer Pilot masters the soulful folk streak over ... [ read more and listen ]

  897 visitas 
J. Coursey Willis "Dangerous"
14/10/2021 Sounds from the USA
A roadie grunge with heavy riffs and an emotional ride, "Dangerous" arrives loaded with character and personality.  ... [ read more and listen ]

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Quarx "Evil Has Died"
14/10/2021 Sounds from USA
Psychedelia and metal meet in "Evil has died", a lively track with a frenetic rhythm and a sixties ... [ read more and listen ]

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Subterranean Street Society "Weapons of mass destruction"
14/10/2021 Sounds from Netherlands
A tight and opaque, encapsulated sound, a lively groove and an oppressive riff, Subterranean Street Society poses an apocalyptic atmosphere ... [ read more and listen ]

  925 visitas 
Eric Lewis "Eyes Shine Like Jewels"
14/10/2021 Sounds from USA
In the beginning a delicate song of psychedelic inspiration and sixties vibe gains momentum towards punk pop. Eric Lewis travels ... [ read more and listen ]

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Azure Wolf "Black Fur"
14/10/2021 Sounds from the USA
A delicate flight, a raft on a calm sea, a ship lost in space "Black Fur" is pure ... [ read more and listen ]

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Tiger Beach "Mountain Sauna"
14/10/2021 Sounds from Raleigh, NC, USA
Psychedelic, surfer and emotional. "Mountain Sauna" has the sound of a big city but with a wild and ... [ read more and listen ]

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