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A window to the music that's out there. Alternative, Garage, Indie, Latin, Pop and Psychedelic Rock. Grunge, 90s, classic, krautrock and progressive rock. Read the reviews and join the Spotify playlists News of The World and Seeking Land.

March 2022 Reviews

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Black Gold City "Nobody
04/03/2022 Sounds from the USA
A primal scream, a funky riff and a lively groove bring the curtain down. Black Gold City unleashes all the ... [ read more and listen ]

  1513 visitas 
Brendan Bric "Cannonball"
04/03/2022 Sounds from the USA
A coctel of shoegaze, dark and garage, "Cannonball" brings back memories of The Cure, The Velvet Underground and ... [ read more and listen ]

  1127 visitas 
Catch Rabbit "Autumnesque"
13/03/2022 Sounds from the USA
Electronica and psychedelia combined in a very organic way. "Autumnesque" is presented with very cinematic dynamics and arrangements. ... [ read more and listen ]

  1559 visitas 
Chaplin´s Dream "Salt of the Earth"
13/03/2022 Sounds from Bulgaria
A sea of tremolo with a martial melody opens the game in "Salt of the Earth". The legendary ... [ read more and listen ]

  884 visitas 
Cuzins the Band "Warrior"
04/03/2022 Sounds from the USA
A mid tempo trance with a tribal chorus. Cuzins the Band displays its seafaring skills to traverse a sound sea ... [ read more and listen ]

  896 visitas 

Dead Magic "The Finer Point of Life"
04/03/2022 Sounds from the USA
Full of soul, with a vocal rhythm and a thick-sounding bass, "The Finer Point of Life" grabs you ... [ read more and listen ]

  942 visitas 
Dead Phone Calls "Revolution Day"
09/03/2022 Sounds from Czech Republic
A tribal chorus joins a fight-inciting riff, Dead Phone Calls delivers a post-punk anthem on "Revolution Day." A ... [ read more and listen ]

  865 visitas 
Dead Soul Revival "Nothing Left"
13/03/2022 Sounds from the USA
An intense track with grunge essence and heavy metal spirit. Dead Soul Revival goes through various stages in "Nothing ... [ read more and listen ]

  1250 visitas 
Fahrenheit 5G "Self (I´m dying slowly)"
13/03/2022 Sounds from Austria
A road track, with an eighties sound and a daring chorus. In "Self" the use of synths and ... [ read more and listen ]

  905 visitas 
Finlay Morton "Chasing the American Dream (Radio Edit)"
04/03/2022 Sounds from UK
From the depths of the desert Finlay Morton emerges at the command of "Chasing the American Dream", a ... [ read more and listen ]

  1169 visitas 
First Frontier "Insist"
13/03/2022 Sounds from UK
First Frontier explores other territory on "Insist", the duo's classic stomping energy subtly expanded on this two-voice ... [ read more and listen ]

  883 visitas 

Freedumb "Sudden Deaf"
04/03/2022 Sounds from Norway
Hardcore punk with a fresh spirit. "Sudden Deaf" is a runaway locomotive! Freedumb captures attention with a piece ... [ read more and listen ]

  861 visitas 
From The Sky "Solid Point Of View"
04/03/2022 Sounds from Sweden
A rhythmic rock with a progressive vibe and flashes of psychedelia. From The Sky bets on guitar rock in " ... [ read more and listen ]

  880 visitas 
Grocer "Pick A Way"
13/03/2022 Sounds from the USA
An irregular trance groove, throwing verses in discursive mode and a deep-sounding snare drum. "Pick A Way" plays ... [ read more and listen ]

  1211 visitas 
Larry Maluma "Time
09/03/2022 Sounds from Australia
Reggae and 70s roots rock blend perfectly on "Time's Up", a combative track led by Larry Maluma. ... [ read more and listen ]

  858 visitas 
Monalia "We Are Dust"
13/03/2022 Sounds from Norway
A spaced riff, with tremolo and an undulating rhythmic base opens the doors to "We Are Dust" in ... [ read more and listen ]

  895 visitas 
09/03/2022 Sounds from Canada
A delirious base and an angelic voice. Monowhales is reminiscent of mid-'90s electro rock but incorporates a somewhat sleazy ... [ read more and listen ]

  1264 visitas 

Pharmacose "Pretty Porcelain"
13/03/2022 Sounds from the USA
Urgent rock with a punk and grunge spirit. Pharmacose synthesizes Green Day and Nirvana in "Pretty Porcelain". Rough ... [ read more and listen ]

  1193 visitas 
Queen Cult "Woman That I Know"
04/03/2022 Sounds from UK
Spicy and energetic "Woman That I Know" is a track that packs pressure to the limit. Then everything ... [ read more and listen ]

  870 visitas 
Seven Layer Piano Cakes "Remy"
09/03/2022 Sounds from the USA
A vibe reminiscent of 70s bands like Supertramp, bittersweet melodies and punchy guitar arrangements. In "Remy" Seven Layer ... [ read more and listen ]

  886 visitas 
Souls Extolled "Ride of My Life"
09/03/2022 Sounds from the USA
With a very particular vocal style, Souls Extolled hits the road with "Ride of My Life". A track ... [ read more and listen ]

  834 visitas 
Ständard "Sharp"
04/03/2022 Sounds from France
A voice full of emotion and an elegant musicality reminiscent of certain passages from bands like A-ha. "Sharp" ... [ read more and listen ]

  915 visitas 
Tablefox "Keep Them Guessing"
09/03/2022 Sounds from New Zealand
Psychedelia and a sound suitable for stadiums. Tablefox takes post punk new wave and updates it to a contemporary vibe. & ... [ read more and listen ]

  835 visitas 
The Electric Kool-Aid "Drinks Dissolution"
09/03/2022 Sounds from Russia
A mix of grunge and alternative rock with the spirit of the 90s. "Drinks Dissolution" has as its ... [ read more and listen ]

  1226 visitas 
Travis Jon Evans "All Alone (2022)"
09/03/2022 Sounds from Australia
Plenty of soul and a touch of jazz "All Alone (2022)" is a track with a nocturnal vibe, Travis ... [ read more and listen ]

  1135 visitas 
Until 9 "Headstone"
09/03/2022 Sounds from UK
A watery sound and a large space for silence. A voice full of suffering and somewhat theatrical. Progressive harmonies and ... [ read more and listen ]

  948 visitas 
VEERS "Don´t Let It Be Me"
13/03/2022 Sounds from UK
A punky riff and a dark and dramatic vocal style. VEERS alternates dynamics in "Don´t Let It ... [ read more and listen ]

  879 visitas 

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