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A window to the music that's out there. Alternative, Garage, Indie, Latin, Pop and Psychedelic Rock. Grunge, 90s, classic, krautrock and progressive rock. Read the reviews and join the Spotify playlists News of The World and Seeking Land.

April 2023 Reviews

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The Ability "You Change Back"
02/04/2023 Sounds from the USA
A track to get carried away. With muted guitar and a circular groove, The Ability maintains the tension on " ... [ read more and listen ]

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Dan Szyller "King´s Hall"
02/04/2023 Sounds from France
A mysterious intro spiced by strings gives way to an epic mood track. Dan Szyller seems to be looking for ... [ read more and listen ]

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Sam Wrangle "Analogy for Tar"
02/04/2023 Sounds from Australia
The trail laid out by R.E.M. has a great heir in Sam Wrangle. "Analogy for Tar" ... [ read more and listen ]

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Mike Viola "I Think I Thought Forever Proof"
02/04/2023 Sounds from the USA
The pulse and spirit of '80s pop rock is reborn on "I Think I Thought Forever Proof". Mike ... [ read more and listen ]

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James Herrera "VAHO"
02/04/2023 Sounds from Spain
James Herrera mixes the hard rock pulse with contemporary urban styles. "Vaho" has a foot in each world ... [ read more and listen ]

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Mei Emrys "Allan o´r Suddo"
02/04/2023 Sounds from United Kingdom
Emotive and energizing "Allan o'r Suddo" is driven by an oriental character riff that dominates the pulse ... [ read more and listen ]

  430 visitas 
A Days Wait "Apologies & Insights"
02/04/2023 Sounds from Canada
Ethereal and volatile "Apologies & Insights" sounds like a cloud flying in the calm before a storm. A ... [ read more and listen ]

  428 visitas 
Irish Basement "Every Dive Bar"
02/04/2023 Sounds from the USA
A stubborn, dark, punk and somewhat industrial riff at the same time pushes the track forward. Irish Basement invites you ... [ read more and listen ]

  456 visitas 
Adolf Jurgens "Supernova"
02/04/2023 Sounds from Brazil
Supernova grows from a minimalist intro with a passionate interpretation and a forceful sound. From Brazil Adolf Jurgens offers first-class ... [ read more and listen ]

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