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Unamura - Unamura

Año: 2009
Tracks: 11
Formato: Bandcamp
Artista: Unamura

Unamura is not a band, is not a project, is just a creative flow been recorded in half of 2005 for 3 human beings that accidentally meet and decided to lock out in an apartment for ten days without any idea of what can happens when they push the "rec" button. Unamura its something hard to explain, because its connected with a time lapse, an age where everything is changing very faster. Since 2000 everything is getting faster and all kind of modern arts mixed with internet interaction is maximizing the spread. Actually we (with Verónica, Roman) accidentally meet in half of 2005. Roman and I were working in the same recording studio, making advertising music, but he was in the morning shift and I was in the afternoon. One of these days when I went to work, he was excited to show me a demo he done that night with a girl he accidentally meet'd. The song was Glory Box from Portishead, and the singer: Verónica. I really could'nt believe the voice I was listening at, and the finest arrangement he put in that demo. That same day we arrange to meet the three of us in he's apartment, where he got a home studio, to see what can we do, with the certain feeling that something cool... more credits released November 23, 2009 Verónica Ferrari: Vocals, Lyrics Roman Impallomeni: Bass, Guitar, Keyboards Fernando Dimare: Protools, Drums, Keyboards Cover Art by Kiwi Morado

1. Happy Toughts 00:34
2. Develope the girl inside 07:06
3. Solid Water 04:02
4. All Together Now 04:12
5. Fall to the earth 05:34
6. Summer Ends 04:40
7. Be Bag 04:19
8. Love is for Loving 03:07
9. Winter Dream 05:05
10. Butterflies 04:10
11. Wet Forest 02:38

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